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Wildfire £25

This machine has a very large streak potential in arcades and pubs with good %. The machine must be full and have taken some over the back. Simply force out the the first WILDFIRE (can cost upto £60) and if streaking the machine will do 2 - 4 IM's for a dump of £100 / £125. A very cheap Wildfire may not be part of the streak, so walk if the next 2 trails are not IMs. If the machine is showing steady climbing until it pops then the streak is imminent. Ignore all stuff on the feature just play out the top. Simple but effective...

This machine is not quite fully sussed yet and there maybe a further guide developed over time. At present no strategy has been fully sussed out - although the machine can be forced to do a sequence of red boards (3 - 5!). From our experience RED LINES are never nearly as a available as on say Spin On It and most of the features are SHITE!

Feature Entry
Typical NUMBER TRAIL with 5 bonus increments that enhances the feature. Reel wins can also be exchanged in for a feature and now and again the machine loves to let you hold the odd symbol out or all 3 reels for a win above or below the win line. There is a number trail bonus at position 4 to help! (yeah right!)

Stoppa - Shite!, Can give trail when happy...

Skill Stop - Use cancel to SLOW the bonus for best feature entry bonus!

Respin - Hold out for another bonus!

Not sure of the other bonuses.

NOTE: Impulse have introduced symbol bonuses on the reels to help feature entry. These are as follows:

Link Up - 3 Lives on each increment of the trail to advance to feature

Selecta - Select the best feature entry

Boost - BOOOST! (Can give a trail)

Start - Simply starts the trail!

Bonus - Gives a BONUS!

Extra FIRE - Awards an extra WILD FIRE symbol (3 needed for WILDFIRE trail!)

Multi Add - Adds to the stacks!

Extra Life - Extra Life!

Positive Signs from Reels
The machine most definitely needs to be full with trails not costing more than say £4 a pop - we all know some Impulse machines can take £15+ per trail! Lots of trails should be offered and the machine should be dropping in lots of symbol bonuses and maybe a high win for when it says 'hold X reel'. This maybe upto £15 if the machine has taken a bit and a jackpot is due. When happy all LINK UPS should give a trail and 'let em spins' should occur!

Positive Signs from Feature
2 or more Wildfire symbols with first few moves giving the third for the Wildfire Trail.

Feature stack getting above FOLLOW ME.

Cash stack £7+

Wildfire Trail Active.

Extra Life!

The Feature
Impulse have produced a very bloated feature board and for a new £25 game engine. At first glance the machine looks a bit complex but it is a very simple machine with obvious blocks! Essentially the feature contains 1 lapper trail and second trail that has to be activated with 3 WILDFIRE symbols. The inner circular trail adds to the CASH and FEATURE stacks and also allows a gamble on the HI-LO when on each square. When the WILDFIRE trail is active, the inner trail is used to advance along the WILDFIRE trail as each square has a magenta segment such as MOVE 4 (see image above). When on the WILDFIRE trail you are offered features, reel blasts etc. until you reach the top feature WILDFIRE. The top feature pays at least £25 and is a random scatter series of prizes. Getting to the top is a long repetitive task where obvious blocks are apparent!

Feature Bonuses
These are a awarded off BONUS NUMBERS on the HI-LO reel.

EXTRA LIFE - Extra Life!

LUCKY 7 - No Lose Gamble on 7 , if you die on a ? and the HI-LO reel is on a 7 you will come back to life!

NO LOSE - NO LOSE - may work on ?

STOPPA - Random Stop on lapper trail

SKILL STOP - True skill, pick best position in lapper!

CHANGE NUMBER - Changes the numbers on the HI-LO reel!

Features from the FEATURE STACK
Pound Run A series of Cherry wins will be spun ending in a near miss.

Hot Shot Player must hit start to stop highest cash value that flashes across alpha from right to left.

Fruit Match Player must skill stop centre reel on the fruit that matches both outside reel fruits to be awarded win.

Rise 'n' Fall A cash amount which rises and falls is displayed on the alpha, player must stop it at highest value.

Mix 'n' Match Reel one will spin and offer a win collect it or let reels two and three offer you other wins.

Pick A Win A series of wins will be spun onto the win line. When the win that you think will be the highest is spun, press the start button to collect that win.

Follow Me A pattern of 11 steps will be flashed and written on the alpha. This pattern will then disappear and you must reproduce that pattern on the hold button. For every one correct the award will climb. It says this on the Impulse Web Site, but the machine actually tells you the amount your playing for!

Smoke 'Em Out Four cash values will appear on the alpha and the shrink. The lines representing the values will then be shuffled. Once shuffled you will have to pick which one you want.

Bazooka The reels will step round until there are numbers on the win line. These will then be counted up the award column and a chance to step the reels further will be offered. If successful, the reels will step to the next set of numbers, adding them also. This will continue until the chance is failed when the current award reached will be paid

Hi Roller number reel spins. Player must use his skill to stop number reel on highest number possible to be awarded that many steps up the cash column.

Fire Cracker a light sweeps up the main wildfire trail. Player must use his skill to stop light on one of the trail awards that must then be collected.

WildFire repeat scatter series on cash values on wildfire feature at the top of the trail.

Features from the WILDFIRE TRAIL

Wild Fruits A lamp will scatter randomly across the reels. Hitting the Start button will stop the light and match the lit fruit to pay a three of a kind win.

Cash Blast A single lamp animates around the outside positions of the reels. Pressing the start button causes the lamp to slow and come to a halt. The symbol on which the lamp stops will be spun in as a three of a kind win.

Crazy Reels All three reels spin to a great combination of wins

Fever Pitch 'More' & 'Enough' will flash on the alpha ' More' to go up one place on the cash award. Hit 'Enough' and the current award is paid to the bank.

Hellfire Middle reel spins. Player must stop wildfire symbol on the win line to climb 3 places up the cash awards or above or below win line to climb 1 place up the cash awards.

Fire 'n' Ice Will give player a series of wins.

Features from RED LINES

Threesome The 3 reels spin in turn. Player has to stop a fruit on the win line for all 3 reels. All 3 fruits stopped on win line are totalled together and awarded as cash prize.

Amazing All 3 reels spin together. Player must skill stop reels to show desired fruits in view. Player must skill stop a desired reel and then skill stop on a desired fruit in view to be awarded that cash award.

Fired Up A light will start to rise up the cash award column and then quickly drop down again. Player must skill stop the light when he thinks it has reached the highest prize.

Drop Zone A light will fall down the cash award column. Player must hit start button as soon as he sees light start to fall in order to obtain highest win possible.

Fire Storm Player must skill stop on to the end of the word "firestorm", which scrolls along the alpha. Every successful attempt climbs player up the cash awards.

Canon Fire The number reel starts spinning. Player must stop reel on a number. This number will then climb player up the cash awards. Player may continue to do this until he collects prize he is currently on or stops correct number to land on the jackpot.

Invincible Mode (IM)

Wildfire does have any IM where the main WILDFIRE logo flickers RED. The machine can do a series of REDS as part of a STREAK, and no doubt chuck one in to balance the machine's profile on occasion.

Playing Method
Initial indications show this to be a very 'flat' machine and there are only a few features with any real JP capability! It does not seem to be a collecting or punting machine - it lies somewhere in between. We think it has a random streak and know that it will do a run of invincible boards - but this can cost £100+ to achieve! The machine does warm up after £30 - £40 over the back and will offer constant trails every few pound but will die about about 2 thirds up the WILDFIRE trail! There is an initial cash block at £7 and a further one at £15/20, when at the £20 mark it will go to the WILDFIRE feature - but more often than not costs more than the usual £25 that the feature awards!

When pushing for WILDFIRE up the WILDFIRE trail it will do a repetitive sequence of giving you TAXI's so you can land on >>> squares for a boost and trail bonus squares to move you up the trail. If you land on ? and survive it will give a bonus and then probably land on another ? to kill you. This process can go on for 10 trails before getting the WILDFIRE feature. Once you get the feature, it then may do a few REDS after if on a streak. Despite the array of features the machine holds no potential for ripping a quick win. RED LINES are rarely available and not exactly mouth watering, although a few have JP potential. From the RED LINE features, the best is probably CANON FIRE as you can use cancel to slow the HI-LO reel down to hit 2 numbers that will take the exact amount of positions up the CASH STACK for the JP.

FIRESTORM is a scroller on the alpha display that can be slowed with cancel enough times for a potential JP. There is a 2 - 3 second delay on DROP ZONE before you can hit it, this can be timed for £25, 20 or 15.
This machine is a little risky and is best played full, more info is to follow on this one!

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