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vamp it up £25

I would call this a player cheat, since it only works when the machine has paid out a large win, say a vamp it up for 25-45 quid. This will `activate` the cheat.

Play the machine as per normal and do 2 things - enable the red board and also get a jackpot via
nudges above the winline on either reel, the trick is to take pick a reel when hot as
this will land on the top part of the reel every time. If you are unable to achieve a JP, a melon
or yellow bar for 15 will suffice and keep the machine in its unhappy state.

Assuming you get good setups when you enter a feature, you can empty the machine, it may cost £7
between boards, but its worth it for another £25. remember if you cannot get the red board or
a JP in view, take the highest there. if you find after putting too much money in it is not
active any more, you`ll have to do a vamp me up again..


This trick does not work on any of the clones!



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