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After a couple of rechips and possible emptiers the machine you are likely to find has the capability to skint you very quickly. The original program allowed you to gamble steps when awarded them which you use on the Hi-Lo wheel to get better numbers to gamble on. There was apparently a serious bug in the software and this feature was removed so you now had a fixed number of steps on feature entry.

If you have to play it then a good sign to watch out for is being awarded 3 or more steps. This should coincide with you being able to get either the cash or feature ladders near the top, or at least above the 5 pound win level. If it is doing this then force it to the BREAK THE BANK feature which should start a streak. Note you can also take the 15 cash win just below this and start a streak too. Once the streak is triggered you will find you are awarded lots of extra steps and some of the features will turn red indicating they are super features. This machine can streak for 90+ but be warned as it can take a lot more than this without even offering a jackpot.

A streak is usually triggered by taking the £15 / £25 on the cash ladder, and not by going all the way to top BREAK THE BANK. Once the streak is there you will bonuses like SELECTOR going up very high and another jackpot is imminent. On occasions there does seem to be "afterplay" where it is possible to collect a lot of £4 and £5 wins until the machine dies.

It can be very stubborn when forcing and take you very close to the top and then go quiet again so not strictly progressive. It awards extra hot numbers when the feature starts and if it feels like rolling over for an easy jp then it will start with 8 hot numbers. In my experience it is best just to hi-lo in the usual manner. I have seen it lose on this board so it is NOT an invincible mode. I would go for the top feature as I don't believe taking the straight £25 is likely to start a streak.



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