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Vivid Red white and blue

From the outset, as with all Vivids, you need to find a very happy machine.

To do this you need to hold to symbols (pref lower value fruits) and one just
above, if it nudges immediately to let you have the win (ignore the win - nudge
it away) then the machine has a jackpot in it. if it stalls and gives you nudges
then walk away.

Ok, assuming its got a jackpot in it, all you hold is the red stars and NOTHING
else, if you can get 2 red stars and one about the view line, then hold all the
reels as it can and will indeed give nudge for the red streak. If you find the
streaks are small, but holding after the game has ended, it can hold up to 7 times!!

If your first red goes £25 and the next board goes £5 first, its the true streak, it
will probably go £75 or more.

If you get a red streak that only goes 5-15 quid, that has to be put back in, in order
to be able to get the reds again.

Red stars can hold if you have nudges, 2 stars in the window and you press cancel.



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