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This can be a very profitable if caught just right, yet on average it should yield £20 - £30 profit. It is essential that it is full or near full and a major plus if it's taken some over the back. As will all BFM's it can cost you if you played at the wrong time - any more than £20 short, recoup what you can and move on.

Feature Entry
This is gained by getting either:

3 Symbols in View

3 on Win Line

Exchanging a cash win

NOTE: It is always best to go in off cash wins as this makes it easier to nick from and also indicates what the machine is looking like - i.e. how much the cash stack increases during feature play.

Positive Signs from Reels

Full or almost full hopper, frequent trails every £2.00 - £3.00. Lots of wins from holding pairs or nudges or 3 symbols dropping on the winline.

Positive Signs from Feature
High cash exchange

Monopoly features becoming available for exchange

Cash stack going over £6 - 8

Good runs on the feature

Increased HI-LO success on cash, feature and Add Property squares.

CANCEL slowing down the ? square outcome

Landing on the BONUS square frequently

BONUS square giving out TRAIL RUNS

The Feature
The feature is composed of a basic wrap around trail, a cash stack, a feature stack and the monopoly super trail (where you cannot die - yet you can can get booted! The super trail is activated by getting 3 monopoly symbols on the winline by either nudging them in or them dropping in during reel play.

Feature Bonus
When you land on the bonus square an random bonus is offered via the alpha display:

TRAIL RUN - Runs around the trail adding features, cash and property

DOUBLE VALUES - Doubles the values of the property squares on the super trail

ADD CASH - Adds cash to the cash stack

ADD FEATURE - Adds features to the feature stack

The ? mark
Most of the time you will be killed when off the ? square when the trail has reached it's maximum value. There is a start square than has the naughty habit of 'randomly' dumping you on the ? square. NOTE: When you land on the ? you can still collect what's on offer before pressing START for an inevitable death! This can be good for quick nicks or 'winding' the machine down.

Notable Features
Most of the features on the stack are crap, so ignore them! FAST CASH can be good for a quick nick and anything above this can be good for a decent sized win. Special features become available when blocks of coloured property are lit up on the monopoly super feature.

For example:

BLUE PROPERTIES = Superhold (No it doesn't work!) This can be useful if a good win is setup - but is almost always poxy most of the time.

YELLOW PROPERTIES = Symbol Stepper - Select whether to step up or down, then each symbol on the winline adds to the cash stack. The steps are controlled by a repeat chance - usually good for £4 - £8.

The other property features have not been worked out yet, but a better one is a scroller type feature (not sure of the colour) on the alpha display. It can be worth £8 - £10.

You will know when you have a feature as the EXCHANGE button will light up and if more than one set of properties is alit you have a choice of which set to take. It's just a matter of remembering which set equal which feature!

This machine has an IM that is activated by getting all 4 railway stations alit on the monopoly super feature. This does happen from time to time and is sometimes the result of a force. However it is not an integral part of the streak, so if you get one early consider walking if the machine is not buzzing!

Playing Method
This machine has a streak which can be forced out! It is simply a matter of playing for your first JP from either the cash / feature stack or the monopoly super feature cash pot filling to £25. When you are on the super feature you travel around it by pressing START, the dice rolls and you move across the squares. If you land on a property square it will light up and whatever the property is worth will be added to the cash pot. For those familiar with the game Monopoly, there are CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST squares. The chance ones usually kill you off with a speeding limit and the chest ones offer some shite bonus.

You can get booted from either being sent to jail, chance square screwing you or landing on INCOME TAX. You will lose one symbol and will have to nudge one back in or land on one in the mini trail to get back in.
The best force is to simply play for CASH wins only on the reels (initially it is best to ignore the symbols and getting the super feature as it slows the process).

Once you have a win exchange in and from here you have two choices:

Play the feature and just keep pushing for a JP off anything or HI-LO until jackpot or death when you land on an ADD PROPERTY, CASH or FEATURE square. For every successful HI-LO you are awarded more for whatever square you are on. The ADD PROPERTY square will add property until all the railway stations are alit for the invincible mode (however this can take longer). On a good machine it will cost £30 - £40 for the JP+R. Once you get the JP it should repeat 7 times out of 10.

After the JPR for £50 you are looking to wind the machine right down. It should still be playing well and offering frequent trails. Your objective now is to steal as many maximum wins as each trail will allow - the idea being to collect something when you land on the ? square It is also better to get in the monopoly super trail as the cash pot offers a repeat chance and when buzzing will do £5 and £10 repeats. NOTE: If the machine does not repeat off the first JP it can useful to use the wind down to build a sizeable bank for money back or minimal profit.

Typical Outcomes

JP+R (£50) + £20 in wins

JP+R (£50) + £5 or £10 cash pot repeat + £2 - 12 wins

JP + £20 - 25 in wins

In the right location, with right players and not too much hammering this machine can be a clockwork earner and a good machine to roost on whilst waiting or sharking as the case maybe!. In summary a much better offering than the LOTR and CTL clones...

NOTE: Remember if short, it is best to give it a miss and on occasion it will be flying and still not repeat! Pull as much out with out going too far in.



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