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King Kebab fruit machine guide

A streak is triggered by getting a jackpot. You can do this by either turbo gambling a cash win to the £15 repeater or you can exchange to the feature board to try and get it. 9 blasts with a JP symbol in the window is a common way. Another way is from 10 cash knockouts. A good sign that this machine can be forced soon is it will often offer £2.40 and £3.00+ wins. You will know when the streak has been triggered because the next features you get offered will be super or mega. Also the bonuses are true skill select. Do not collect these better features but wait until you get either the 3 kebabs or you are offered MEGA KING KEBAB from the features. It is not unusual for this to pay 75+ on a streak. Another feature is the barcode. You can get this from a 'Let em spin'. ie get any two of the correctly positioned bars on the winline using nudges and if it says 'Let em spin' it will spin the barcode in. You need to select a code for a feature. 3-1-2 is a fairly easy skillstop for 15 on the KK feature.

With practice you can hit this at least 3 out of 4 times. 3-2-1 is a 'follow me' feature where you need to copy the sequence of lit buttons. The other one which is quite easy with practice is the 'strike a light'. Take 2-3-1 for this.

EMPTIER: The KK emptier was a good little trick for a while for many top players. Sadly some idiots decided to post it for free around the net. Although most message boards removed it, the trick can now be considered almost dead. Many pro players worked out this emptier by themselves (myself included) and got upset when it was distributed for free. Sadly most machines are re-chipped now though you may be lucky enough to find one around. Even so you will need to be good at the above mentioned 2-3-1 code to get 15 every time. The trick is to play for this barcode all the time and at the same time take 2 to 3 pound wins from the feature board. It can take a long time to do a machine so be warned, unless you are a very good player you will get your fingers burnt.

What is more important to most of you reading this will be the best way to play the rechips. Well they do streak just as before so the above guide still applies.

Try turbo'ing the gamble up much higher than you usually would before exchanging. A 5 or 6 quid exchange can often result in the 3 kebabs or a mega feature offer.


10 cash KO's always gives JP, so on £25 JP this is good value even if it's not streaking as you'd be unlucky to put more than this in on a near full machine. For 20 in I had 2 separate £25 JP's off 10 KO's yesterday. Muppets seem to always exchange in early i.e. 1.60 - 2.00 mark, boards here offer 2 - 4 pounds. What you want to do is turbo to 5/6 pound exchanges with 2 icons lit. If you exchange with 7 cash KO's already there it is a good start to go onto 10, but whatever you exchange with feature offers have good chance of being super or mega and getting 3rd icon is also possible. Final note the barcode seems to be so blocked after Program 1 KK that if you do see it offered from nudges, it is likely to be flying.



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