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Jackpot & The Beanstreak £25

Despite all the feature board antics, the machine is fairly straight forward. The streak varies from £50 - 75 and is capable of £100 on occasion. Unlike Maygay or Impulse it does seem these can be done on a regular (weekly) basis.

Playing Method
As always, the machine should be full and no shorter than £10 - £15. Good signs to watch for are:

Cash & Feature Stacks filling fast and high.

Beanstreak trail active and advancing well.

Regular feature entry.

Frequent Extra Lives.

Frequent Trails.

Cash Pot exceeding £15.00

Push at all costs for the £25 or the Beanstreak feature. The feature board is relatively simple and you will work it out very quickly despite the gimmicks.
The first JP or BEANSTREAK will cost £20 - £40 and in most cases should trigger the streak or staggered streak.

If streaking you will get £50 - £75 off the Beanstreak feature or a JP followed by a board the gives the Beanstreak feature for a further £25 - £50. Occasionally the machine will streak for £100 if really buzzing.

The staggered streak is when you get a JP and no immediate action after. However within £10 - £15 the machine will offer another JP or Beanstreak, Not the best result but better than a flat £25.

You will tell when to push for this as the machine will be clearly playing well after the first JP.

Sometimes the machine will not be ready and die after the first £25. At this point it is best to try and suck any residual value to minimize any losses and WALK.



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