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For this version there's 3 tricks, all of which are good and at the moment are working on every machine we've found, as far as we're aware there's no re-chip as yet for these bugs.

1. This is a very simple trick, if you land on any of the BONUS squares while on the feature you get the option of 4/5 bonuses, if you hit 'boost' it will add extras around the board such as red features, phones, boxes, hearts and sometimes take away the smaller amounts from the DOND feature. If you do get 'boost' no matter what number you're on it's a free 'no lose' gamble, so for instance if you're on an 11 and go higher it will be a guaranteed 12, this can give boost again and the same will apply, as long as you hit boost you can keep gambling hi/lo and it will let you win every time!


2. The 2nd trick is slightly harder to activate but when it does it means big money!
Your aim for this set-up is to firstly light up the 3 phones in the centre to activate the DOND  main feature, once you have done this you need to achieve a 5 on the number reel, as soon as you do hit the 'play deal or no deal' button in the middle of the board, you will then go on to play the deal or no deal feature but instead of starting with 16 boxes you'll start with just 5.. The power 5! Even if you're unlucky enough to have the lowest amount in your box you still get a tenner, personally I've never had less than a £30 offer!


3. The last but by far the best cheat for this machine is as follows... No matter how high up on the feature you are, no matter how many phones you have this can be achieved, even from your 1st or 2nd press!

As soon as you land on a mystery (red ? on the white cups) on the feature in most cases it would mean game over, but not this time!

When you land on the ? simply hold in the 'play deal or no deal' button in the middle of the screen and at the same time press the collect button this will put you automatically on the main feature!


This feature never gives a first offer of under £7.50, and 99% of the time will always offer £10-15, the best way to utilise this in my experience is not to be greedy and play for a quick pinch, most features are achievable within a few quid but be warned after using this trick it will make you wait £10-50 for your next board!!!



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