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Deal Or No Deal Classic (4 Reeler)


These need to be dual-stake 30p/50p. **They need to be the type that cancel the 4th reel when only on 30p**.

Play on 30p for £6.60 of credits. Don't take anything if offered. If you get a board thrown at you, go round until you lose.

After £6.60 switch to 50p. Press start for a big long spin where the box comes in on the end reel for a super board. Go round and get as far as you can, hopefully Cash Combo or Countdown or £8 or £10 on the cash stack, and collect when you land on a mystery. Usually you'll get Cash Countdown for an easy £16 or even £35. Then go back to 30p play for £6.60 and repeat until your pockets are full.

After a while the 30p stake gets so buzzed up that it will drop boards in before you've played £6.60 off. Take something like a fiver to kill it a bit. Also because you're hammering the 50p reflex it doesn't always give the SB off £6.60, especially if you've just had £35 of Cash Countdown or MS of the middle, so I try going £6.90 for a bit if this happens, then back to £6.60.

When you get to £40 or £50 left in it, play the value off the 30p reflex by taking the best you can off 2 or 3 boards in a row. If you don't it will go empty for some sausage when they stick their pint change in at 10 o'clock in the evening.


These are currently being re-chipped, but there are still some around, forget chain pubs and service stations, small pubs and arcades are your best bet!

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