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Dambuster £25

These machines do streak, but cannot be done like clockwork. The streak does vary depending on Arcade or Pub settings with the former capable of producing a ton. After a streak, the machine seems to require at least £100 - £300 of plays to recover. During recovery you will find the machine just chucks out £25 flat jackpots every £40 or so.

Playing Method
As always, the machine should be full and no shorter than £10 - £15. Good signs to watch for are:

Shots offering £8 - £15.

The feature stack passing the STOP N STEP block.

Regular feature entry.

Frequent Bonus Numbers.

Frequent Extra Lives.

Ignore everything and push all out for the Jackpot, if the machine is NOT ready you will get a JP inside £40 - 50.

It will NOT repeat or produce an invincible trail within the next 3 trails.

If this is the case, suck what you can from the remaining trails and WALK. If you stay on and try to punt it for the next JP you will get stung.

If the machine IS STREAK ready it will either repeat or do a sequence of RED trails (invincible). Pub models tend to do £50 - £75 and Arcade models tend to do £75 - £100 with £5 - £10 in afterplay.
This machine is risky, but can be rewarding if caught at the right time.


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