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Big Cheese £25

This machine must only be played when FULL or only a few quid short, say £10/15. Do not play a REFILL or one on recovery! There are no real quick JP routes on this and the punt can be quite a struggle! However you can test it and push it if showing...

Feature Entry
This is obtained by getting 3 Cheese symbols in view or on the winline - if you do get them on the winline then you start with the upper red trail active. All reel wins can be gambled in for a trail - the higher you gamble the better the trail and the better the chance of a JP or the Big Cheese feature.

Positive Signs from Reels
Full or almost full hopper, frequent trails, 3 cheeses on the winline, let em spins off mixed bars. Reel wins gambling to £5+ for feature exchange.

Positive Signs from Feature
£5 exchanges...
Reels setup to bring in more cheeses after the upper red trail has been activated. Getting 3 cheeses with the upper active closes off the yellow trail making you invincible.
Being offered TRAIL RUNS.
? Mark bonuses building to TAXI.
Frequent Upper Red Trails being made available.
Features climbing beyond TUTTI FRUTTI.

The Feature
Despite looking complex the game is very simple containing just a feature stack, cash shots and a nudge pot leading to the JP! The trail is a 2 tier lapper with the yellow and when active the red and yellow for a figure 8 lap. A JP can be attained from the CASH SHOTS or NUDGE POT. The BIG CHEESE feature is gained from the feature stack.
The UPPER trail contains features, but they are not worth taking.
Surviving a ? awards a bonus on the green cheese!
The HI-LO has bonuses on numbers that help (sometimes!)


Notable Features
Golden Hold & Step to nearest can be good for JP, everything else is crap!

Getting 3 cheeses with the upper active closes off the yellow trail making you invincible.
The other is when everything flashes upon feature entry - the logo and characters flicker.

Playing Method
This machine can be very saucy and keep chucking IM's on you to flatten the machine. It likes to do IM's after the first JP or Big Cheese has been forced out - but after you have put in another £30 - 40. Sometimes if streak happy it will do a JP and the 2 IM's in succession, however these IM's may not be apparent - just JP happy trails.
The best way to play is to test the machine first by gambling a reel win as far as it will go - if it goes to £5 and the machine is showing good signs then it is worth staying on. FORGET playing for cheeses on the winline and exchanging all £1/2 wins for trails - this will lead to a repetitive process of pushing for the JP and dying when you think you have got it.
Ignore the board and all the crap on it!
Exchange in from £5 and play strictly for the JP or Big Cheese. After you get it and if on one the machine will still be gambling well and offering the Upper Trail which may result in another Big Cheese or two! These will be where the yellow trail is cut off - the other IM kills the machine for £20 - £30.

Typical Outcomes

Not a big earner usually but can be tapped for a profit by gambling to £5 and going in. If not gambling to £5 leave and it will have only cost £5 or so to find out - rather than punting a £100 over the back for a run of costly staggered JP's that ultimately result in a loss...


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