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No other cheat has amused me more than this one, basically find your bar-x re-chip that has a 0 on the alpha display. the object of the game is to achieve this setup -


This can be achieved by, say holding the first 2 and a zero rolls in, IT MUST HOLD ONCE, if when you have bar cross zero on the win line, hold all of them and press start, if it doesn't hold again, then the cheat is active.

So what happens next?

Well, press start....... JACKPOT rolls straight in!

With more than an average chance if it holding so that's 50 quid in the bank, now repeat the process of getting the setup. also as your playing and nudging, try to get 3 crosses to hold after a nudge all above the win line, hold them all and 3 nudges is awarded again.

if the setup (bar cross zero) holds twice, then the quick empty cheat is not ready, give
it a few days and come back.

As far as i'm aware there isn't yet a re-chip for this, but remember it must be the version that shows the 0 on the alpha display when in attract mode.

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