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Bar X (OXO)

  Big Cheese

  Bling King Crazy

  Dam Buster

  Diamond Mine

  Deal Or No Deal (classic)

  DOND (The Power 5)

  Deal Or No Deal WIYB?

  Golden Game

  Hell Raiser

  Italian Job

 Jackpot & The Beanstreak

  King Kebab

  King Poker

  Lucky Strike


  Club Psycho Cash Beast

  Red, White & Blue

  Revolution & Battleaxe

  Temple Of Treasure

  The Royle Family

  The Simpsons

  Royal Roulette

Super Charged

  Vamp It Up

  Wild Fire


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You may find that some of the topics we cover will seem blatantly obvious to you, while others will be totally new. Please remember that this manual is intended for use by the player who would consider themselves to be an expert, too the player who is a complete novice. What is common knowledge to one, is a complete mystery to the other.

We will try to keep this site as updated as possible with new tips tricks and cheats for all kinds of different fruit machines, we have also added a lot of tips for older machines which can still be found in arcades across the UK, but please be aware that machines can be re-chipped so we cannot guarantee that all the information we provide will still work on every machine you find.

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